Focused on a circular economy

Our business is focused on a circular economy, focusing in particular on waste management and extending the life of our produce

Our business is focused on a circular economy, focusing in particular on waste management and extending the life of our produce. We partner with some incredible organisations that redistribute some of our produce and provide it to the less fortunate.

This also applies to our packaging. We do not want to contribute to global deforestation so ensuring we recycle and reuse as much as possible is a way for us to ensure we are doing our part to help the environment.

A major factor in our industry is responding to climate change. It is essential that we work with our growers to manage supply chain risk. Being such a dry nation, throughout the years we have experienced many droughts. It is important that our growers have contingency plans in place to assist them with any water shortages. Commonly when this happens it does affect the market e.g. higher prices and a reduction in availability. However, we work together with our partners to assist them through these difficult periods.

One aspect we pride ourselves on is being a diverse organisation free of discrimination and harassment. We love to celebrate that our employees come from many walks of life and understand that although we may not all share the same cultural beliefs we respect one another.

Our anti-discrimination policy ensures that all employees or job applicants are to be treated fairly regardless of their race, gender, nationality, religion, age, disability or familial status.

We place a high importance on supporting local farmers. Not only do we provide consistent feedback about their product, but we help them manage their supply chain risk to ensure that their business functions during tough times.

At Samson’s we believe in giving back to many charities but also to our local community like the Sydney Market Foundation. The foundation directly helps those in need, particularly people associated with the markets and wider industry. From providing relief to those experiencing natural disasters such as cyclones, bush fires and droughts to providing funding to the Children’s Hospitals at Westmead and Randwick.

We have an active partnership with Foodbank which is the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia. They are a conduit between the industry’s surplus food and the welfare sector’s need. Although Foodbank provides over 172,000 meals a day the demand is increasing, so our ability to continue to support them is paramount.