The 7-Step Samson’s Process to Grow Your Brand

In order to get the best possible price from your produce, it’s necessary to build your brand amongst the retail sector to maximise your return on investment.  This is the foundation of giving your produce a voice, identity, value and awareness – and ensures word travels quickly when it arrives in the markets, which puts the supply and demand equation in your favour.

Branding is all about “message to market match”.

At Samson’s, we go to enormous lengths to ensure our growers are given the best possible opportunity to market their brand.

Building a brand in any market might seem like a huge undertaking. When working with experts who understand their customers, and follow a methodical process, it’s less complex than you think

An initial conversation takes place with our marketing team to get a clear understanding on what you are looking to achieve within the fresh produce industry

Identify your value proposition, and understand what aspects of your business make you stand out from other suppliers.

Gathering the information provided to create a message to market match, that we can then take out to our client base to maximise your band exposure.

Assigning a key member of our sales team to take full ownership of your product and enable us to Champion your brand.

Daily feedback is provided to ensure we help you continue to understand and stay ahead of the ever-changing consumer trends and retail landscape

Technology. Our technical team will collate “real time” data associated with your produce. This information will allow you to make clear and informative decisions.

Future planning to assist with innovation, helping you stay ahead of change. We do this by networking with our global partners and strategizing opportunities beyond the market trading floor.

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