Crop Planning and Innovation to Maximize Your Return On Investment

As the market is constantly evolving, we know how important it is to growers to generate a return on investment. Planting the right crops at the right time – based on the moving demands of the market is a key factor in your business.

To enable us to provide the best advice to suit the demands of your business we attend many trade shows, seminars and events throughout Australia and internationally. This platform allows us to gain exclusive access to new developments, products, packaging and processes that we can adapt to not only our business but in yours. In essence, this enables us to tailor specific information and apply it to you and your business’s needs. We understand that no two growers are the same and at Samson’s we’ll guide you in crop planning and managing growth within your business-based consumer/retail trends.

At the end of each season, we like meet and conduct a grower’s performance review. This allows us to execute an overall evaluation of the season where we can celebrate our success and identify strategies on how we can improve and plan for the season ahead.

We have found that consistent performance evaluations collectively as a partnership is imperative to our success.

Samson’s are passionate about assisting our growers in understanding and implementing “change” and continually being ahead of industry trends.

  • Daily supply and demand trends in the market place.
  • Consumer trends and what varieties are highly sought after.
  • The latest innovation in product and packaging developments
  • Marketing your product to maximise sales and awareness and establish brand recognition within the marketplace.
  • Seasonal and regional supply trends, helping you understand what is happening in other areas that you currently may not be aware of.