Sustainability & Community

Samsons is committed to building a socially responsible business and making a positive impact on our communities.

Employee retention is a top priority at Samson’s as we encourage growth internally. We believe that it is important to maximise your potential and hone in on your talents. If you have a passion for something or think you could add value to another area of the business, we want to know about it!

We believe recognition and constructive feedback are essential to achieving job satisfaction. Therefore, open lines of communication between all staff is paramount. As an organisation, when we achieve success and surpass milestones, you better believe that we want everyone to know about it. We feel the same way with our employee’s. When you face obstacles and challenges, and then succeed there is no better feeling. But being acknowledged for your effort and determination makes the success just as sweet.

As our business grows, so does our employees. As we like to promote from within, we like to give our staff the tools to become leaders. You will have opportunities to enhance your skill set and develop professionally. There are opportunities for team leaders and management across multiple departments of the business.

As the industry is constantly evolving and changing we need to be on the forefront of technology and strategies. We believe that you can never know or learn too much. There are many opportunities throughout the year to attend industry tradeshows, conferences and seminars. We also invite many training specialists to visit us on site to provide updated information on many areas of the business such as OH&S, Quality Assurance etc.